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MAST mapping and localization

As part of the Army Collaborative Technology Alliance (CTA) on micro autonomous systems technology (MAST) Georgia Tech has an effort to study simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) across a team of vehicles. Last fall a joint experiment engaging JPL, UPENN and GT setup an experiment to study exploration strategies, mapping and multiple-feature integration. The initial experimental results were reported at the recent SPIE conference in Orlando, and is summarized in a recent GTRI press article. Details available here

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Ro-Man 2011 (paper decisions posted)

The Ro-Man 2011 conference will take place in Atlanta – 31 July – 3 August. The conference focusses on Human Robot Interaction and Cooperation. The paper decisions have just been published by the Program Chair – Matthias Scheutz. 80 papers were accepted for presentation at the conference. We hope to have a great collection of participants at the conference.

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